Our journey is a 2 month adventure taking us through 20 countries including the beautiful cities of Europe, ancient sites of Turkey, the waters of the Caspian Sea as we cross into the dry deserts of Turkmenistan, the brutal roads of Kazakhstan, and onwards through the steppe and mountains of Mongolia.

There are only 3 rules to participate are:

1. Car can't be more than £500
2. Car must be <1.2L
3. Have to raise a minimum £1000 for charity.

You may ask WTF were we thinking to sign up for this trip?

Well, why wouldn't we want to be stuck in the same 4 cubic feet for weeks on end with each other's aroma from not showering for days in the desert, getting lost (never!!), driving on shitastic roads (not sure why everyone keeps saying that, it's the silk Road!), and any other hilarity that might ensue? Yes, this was a run on sentence on purpose.

This is the ultimate trip of a lifetime. If not now, when?