Day 1: Fly-melia

We're off on our first adventure with Chubz.

Chubz ready to go

Packing was SO hard! We could easily have packed one bag, with washing machines at every airBnB (probably), we really didn’t need more than 5 outfits for her. Hell, Justin and I survived on 2 shirts the entire Mongol Rally and didn’t even wear the others we packed. But the problem with traveling with a baby is that you have all this CUTE clothes and they grow so damn fast, godforbid you miss out on any photo ops.

Packing ordeals aside, the trip started off to a good start. We were on time, made it to the train station (way early even!), had a fantastic train ride where she was the centre of attention and people oohed and aahed at her cuteness - especially once we started tossing her up and down above people’s heads and she started laughing uncontrollably - that was new! Naps: so far on point.

Chubz on the train

We made it to the Montreal airport and with a few hiccups Air Canada decided to throw in as of 2018, a few people really pushing/shoving in line (enough that security actually came over), we did get pushed through and skip the huge line up.... because baby. So that was sweet!

Flying with a baby: first flight was 6.5 hours. Take off and landing were great and without a peep. I was prepared for a lot of things but I didn’t consider her being so fascinated by everything that she adamantly refused to sleep. I’ve never been jet legged because I’m pretty good at napping properly on the plane, so this quickly spiraled out of control as I spent majority of the flight either rocking her or trying to nurse her to sleep and she just coo-ed happily all along. Towards the last bit of the flight, she decided she was now TOO tired to sleep and to also vocalize this nice and loudly. This being an overnight flight, Justin and I starting getting flustered in trying to handle the situation and feeling terrible for her, the people around, for our sanity, but also the constant rocking didn’t help the sleepless-flustered-migraine. Between the glares and the inevitable “well, did you try feeding her? She must be hungry” 🙄, I started getting nervous for what we should expect in the future if she doesn’t get some sleep. So for both her sake, ours, and everyone around us, we gave in to the one thing we’re both pretty against and gave her some gripe water. 1tsp is the recommendation, we probably gave her 1/3, if that, and it was absolutely miraculous. She literally JUST had time to swallow it and it wasn’t even gradual before her eyes drooped and everyone sighed their contentment into a short nap before we started to land.

When in Belgium, waffles, even if shitty airport ones....although, is there such a thing as shitty Belgium waffles? I‘m also now catching myself rating places based on their change/nursing rooms; such a #momlife. Brussels airport: A-.


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