Day 11: Fameliaro

On our way to Seville, we made a couple of stops. Starting with the Benagil Caves: We didn’t get out on the boat tour we wanted, but with baby... it didn’t seem like a great idea - so we just hiked the top of them, saw what we could, flew the drone and called it even. Some of us were more impressed with the sights than others.

benagil caves

benagil caves

Our second stop was in Faro. What a beautiful town! Something about the vibe... I enjoyed it a lot more than Lagos, and we just got ourselves lost through the cobble stoned streets while wandering aimlessly (although, for some of us, this “aimless” wandering ALWAYS included scouting out and knowing where all the bathrooms were. It’s like being pregnant all over again... Overall, Faro was probably my favourite out of the Algarve towns we visited for no particularly reason other than the vibe it emitted: it seemed relax, less in your face and just overall beautiful.





Baby has calmed down by now and I had finally figured out the culprit for her hysterics the past 3 days: fresh oranges and orange juice. The second I stopped consuming it, her stomach rumbles decreased and within 12 hours she was a happy little clam and has given us no trouble since. So it was just me now, seemingly getting worse by the day and going on 4 days without food.

We checked in to Seville after dark and the hotel we got was golden. We had a hard time finding a place since 98% of all accommodations were booked across Airbnb and! Hotels, private homes, everything! We got this little gem though and it was central, decent pricing in comparison to much else, and just so so cute!


seville hotel

We went out for the dinner I’ve been talking about for weeks - I had been so excited for tapas!! So I watched Justin eat some amazing dishes and drink 1€ beers or wines as I stuck to my water and tried to keep that and my drool intact.

Oh my, this city was ALIVE. Talk about vibes, personality, sass. There were people everywhere, bars and restaurants were packed to the brim, and everyone was just so ALIVE for a lack of a better word. I may have been sick/starving/nauseous, but I refused to let that taint my experience in this city and I just completely fell in love with it - and that’s considering I don’t even usually like big cities!

After dinner, we called it a night so we could put babes to sleep and get an early start which she will inevitably dictate on doing so anyway, so might as well be somewhat rested on our end.

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