Day 12: Alcameliazar

Chubz may have had an early wake up call, but she happily cooed and minded her own business (aka ate her toes) for an extra hour or two while we got some extra ZZZs. We had a bit of a slow start in the morning (apparently we are not what we were once on our previous travels and are both slowing down big time), but we made it out with time to spare and just got lost in the city until our 12:30 entrance to Alcazar.

There were parades, live music everywhere, and the city was buzzing - so between that and the fact that the city was practically sold out of accommodations, we deduced we were here during some major festivities... we just couldn't figure out what they were. It threw us off guard, so we weren't prepared and didn't get too many photos. We do have a bunch of videos though, so there's that.

seville parade

seville parade

We bought our Alcazar tickets days in advance, and even then, there was just the one time slot available for the entire weekend, so we barely got in, but got in we did! Hint: you may recognize this giant territory as Dorne from Game of Thrones. Obviously, we went a little photo crazy (and these are just the tip of the iceberg).

alcazar entrance

alcazar entry

alcazar courtyard

alcazar family

alcazar famjam

alcazar garden

alcazar garden

alcazar dome

Chubz was less than impressed with being our muse.

dad and chubz alcazar

daddy and chubz

daddy and chubz alcazar

Well, mostly.

daddy and chubz flowers

With our muse having none of it, and the heat and exhaustion really kicking in, we got pretty giddy and we took it upon ourselves to become the "Boyfriends of Instagram" to each other.

boyfriend of instagram Justin

boyfriends of instagram May

boyfriends of instagram May

alacazar basement

Finishing up at the palace, we wandered the city and its narrow alleyways in search of food, but mostly a patio for beer, and by we, I mean Justin. By then, the sun set, so we grabbed some photos of all the monuments lit up and rushed home for various reasons for the umpteenth time that day...but let's say for a family "siesta" before we headed out for a flamenco show. Apparently, yet again, not a common thing to do with a baby so we got quite a few looks, but Chubz was a champ the whole show despite how loud it got from the stomping, to the singing, to the applauding.



chubz dinner

seville night

alcazar night

seville nighttime

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