Day 13: Sevamelia

There was a part of seville we hadn't explored yet, so we wandered in that direction the following morning. We climbed a tower or two for the views, visited a small museum to read up on Seville's history and hadn't actually realized just how old this city was, or that it was practically the first city in Spain and used to be the capital. 

seville tower
seville tower

seville museum

We then had tickets to the Seville Cathedral, the largest and one of the oldest cathedrals in the world.


seville cathedral

seville cathedral

Fun fact: Christopher Columbus' tomb is inside the cathedral. Well, allegedly, it could potentially be his brother... but it definitely sounds much cooler to assume it's the real deal and a much more fun fact.

columbus tomb

And making it 37 flights of stairs, you get a pretty decent view of the city from the bell tower.

bell tower view

bell tower

I seem to have only been getting worse, so we went on the hunt for plain rice which apparently proved to be a difficult task in a city where the primary food is rice with ALL the flavour. We did find some so, and it was such an Oliver Twist scene of me asking for it, the restaurant refused to take payment for it and just wished me the best of luck. The rice actually made me worse in the end, and at this point we were seriously considering a trip to the hospital. It's been 5-6 days since I've eaten, definitely getting worse (I'll spare you the details but a few other symptoms with a cause for concern popped up), but mainly it was really starting to affect my supply for Chubz, making Chubz cranky. I called TeleHealth and they highly advised a hospital visit for antibiotics...however, we were leaving Seville the following day for Gibraltar, so it made sense to wait until we were in an English-speaking country to have to deal with this.

We got home for another FamJam siesta for all our sakes, but got out for what seemed like a super delicious hipster-tapas place just outside our hotel and that's all we could muster before heading back for the night. 

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