Day 14: Gibraltamelia

We rushed out the door the following morning since we read that aside from a 2.5 hour drive to Gibraltar, the customs line to get into the country could take 1.5 hours.


We got there in the specified 2.5 hours, but they didn't even take our passports, let alone search or even so much as glance at us while the guards were leaning against a car chatting.

The drive onto the peninsula required to cross the Gibraltar airport runway which we later learned shuts down 3 times a day for 25 minutes each, affecting traffic like crazy. We checked in to our hotel, wandered the town? City? Country? It's so small, I'm not entirely sure how to refer to it, to be honest. That said, we later found out it has a population of 60,000, so actually a lot bigger than it seemed.

gibraltar streets


We also found out it was all duty-free, which explained the RIDICULOUS amount of shops that filled the streets and why custom lines are usually so big as people came across the border to shop, also gas was cheaper (although in pounds).

kwality stores

What was really cool about this place, in our opinions, was the amount of history it contained as it is a crucial point on the map: whoever controls Gibraltar, controls the entry to the Mediterranean Sea. We have some photos of statues and cannons, but they're not super great so use your imaginations :)

As always, it was time for food. We headed back to our hotel with a view and grabbed food. I dared eat some fries and started to believe I was getting better since I was briefly able to keep them down, so decided to put off the hospital trip. Little did I realize that this was going to be short lived.

rock hotel

We then checked in to our room.

room note

Ok. So that's a thing...

We decided we'll save the rock tour for the morning before we leave the place, and take it easy (again) the rest of the day. But the sun was now setting, and it was the Golden Hour for perfect sunset pictures, so off we went.

gibraltar rock

daddy and chubz gibraltar

daddy and chubz lighthouse

We set a timer and asked the whole family to "act cool"...

cool family

took a few tries, but we got there:

family gibraltar

And with that, we headed back to the hotel to call it a night.

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