Day 19: Ameliandoso

The area in which we were currently staying is Lindoso. I couldn't come up how to incorporate Amelia into Geres, so I had to generalize :P

The airbnb left us an ideal "day trip" itinerary with full directions and stops worth making within a 2 hour vicinity. We really debated just staying put and taking it easy, recouping in the mountain air before we head to the big cities again, but figured we were all the way up here, might as well at least check a few out.

We started off with the castle of Lindoso which was just a few minutes drive up the road from our place.

castle of lindoso

castle of lindoso justin

castle of lindoso baby

castle of lindoso

Our next stop was actually what got us out of the house to begin with. Just past the border into Spain was a local hot spring that came highly recommended. You just wander right up and get in amongst the locals. It wasn't much of a tourist attraction and the locals were quite intrigued with us and our little munchkin, but it was a great way to spend the afternoon just before we grabbed lunch and headed back. We stopped a few times just to grab some drone footage through the mountains after which we just enjoyed our stunning view from our porch...

hot springs

lobios hot springs

Lunch was a great pit stop where the menu consisted of such options as "bacon", "peppers", "mushrooms", "fries". Justin ordered "bacon" for which I gave him crap "who orders a plate of bacon?!" He argued that it won't be JUST a plate of bacon, it probably is made in a cool local way or something.

Nope. It was literally a GIANT plate of just friend up back bacon. And the plate of peppers was literally just a GIANT plate of salted fried up peppers. But was it ever delicious? Yes, yes it was. So simple. Bread, peppers, and enough bacon to feed 6 people, 2-4 glasses of wine, it all came to about 10-15 Euros. Unbelievable.

The rest of our afternoon was pretty chill with cookies, a $2 bottle of wine, and these views:

cookies and wineWhen we first checked in, we definitely thought these were graveyards which was that much creepier in the dark. However, we did learn these are storage houses, specifically for grain.porch view

Look, Chubz, everything that the light touches is our kingdom.all that the light touches

baby and daddy

This was the alley entrance to our airbnb. We were out of season, so we could only imagine the view when the grape vines were in full bloom, and it was fascinating to watch the water fill up, the locals filling up their bucket or water jugs. Also, each apartment has a bag and if you throw in a coin and a note of how many buns you want, a local baker goes buy every morning and exchanges the coins for fresh loaves. They were SO good!water source

It was with heavy hearts we had to check out the following morning.

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