Day 23: Portamelia continues

At this point in our trip, I was just starting to get my bearings back food wise, baby wakings every half hour throughout the night, and the unexpected heat all month was really catching up with us. There were no complaints, and if there is any place to get this exhausted and to want to just sit back and chill, this was it. We made our way back to yet the same bar, and were quickly becoming regulars and getting heftier and heftier glasses of wine/port for next to nothing. 

We were getting more relaxed, happily (but responsibly) buzzed, and baby was getting more badass as the days went by. Chubz was still the source of entertainment and we just sat by the river most of the day listening to live buskers who continued to alternate throughout the day and whose sets we started to recognize.

badass babydrinking baby

baby zonkedWell, someone had a bit too much port.

zonked baby

NOT FOR LONG THOUGH. She was awake shortly after and full of beans. Was it shortly after? Or were we just at the bar long enough? Who knows.

full of beans

I do feel like this series of photos speaks for itself. Buskers + wine = karaoke.





FFarewell Porto, we will miss you and will likely be back.



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