Day 25-26: Nazaramelia

Instructions for check in to Nazare were "look for the tallest building, there's only one". Ours had 12 stories (we were on the 11th) while there were no other buildings with more than 5 floors, so we had quite the view to wake up to!

wake up view

Nazare is considered THE traditional fishermen's village in the country, and many of the elderly still work the beaches and even wear their traditional garments - some for tourists' sake, others because they really do enjoy it.

nazare boats

octopus drying

traiditional fishermen's wife

drying fish

For one euro only, this dry fish could be yours!

No, thank you. We were super tempted for the experience, but I've had some as a child and just the thought of it makes me ill. I was still not 100% so decided not to play with fire, and Justin? Well, as adventurous as he generally is, he was out. 

We actually went back to our place earlier than normal and just hung out, caught up on the blog taking our gorgeous view, and let the baby sleep. We were seriously slowing down, very unlike us. But we figured we'll rest up so we can head out tomorrow.



nazare view

nazare nighttime

The follow day we woke up to a breakfast of champions, and pretty much did nothing for most of the day. We did wander down to the shops in hopes of finding something worth bringing back for people, but honestly, these knicks knacks all seemed so useless and unecessary. Who wants a magnet, really?! We gave up, and hit the beach instead.


justin breakfast


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