Day 3: Lisboamelia

We planned on an early start to make up for the previously mostly-lost-although-much-needed rest day. So we all woke up around 11am.... oops.

We slothed our way out, found some coffee and pastel de Natas and walked an hour to their “Central Park”.

some statue

central park

We then went off the beaten path and walked through the local neighbourhoods. We didn’t GPS, or anything, just turned whenever we saw cute streets and really immersed ourselves. I don't think I've ever seen a more graffitti-ed city before.

graffitti van

lisbon building

lisbon streets

We did eventually make our way to Alfama, the historical district. We were SO happy we never bothered with a stroller. It would’ve been SUCH a pain in the ass between the uneven cobblestones, the narrow alleys, and the stairs/hills. We wandered around and “got lost” in this really neat district. We found a little old lady sitting at her doorway selling Ginja liquor shots: a Portuguese cherry liquor sold in chocolate cups, so, of course, we did shots.


some church

The one thing we had planned for the day was to be at the top of the hill for sunset. So we climbed our way up to the castle and had the most incredible view of all of Lisbon, we even witnessed some peacocks who wouldn't take no from a poor she-peacock and chased her around the grounds. Chubz, however, was super cute the entire time: slept on point, and was in a good mood when awake. We actually found it easy to work her naps in and were probably more on point than back home!

top of the hill

butt statue

castle window

castle view

cannon sun

 justin and chubz

city view

It got stupid cold as soon as the sun went down and we were getting hungry. We found a little restaurant that had live Fado (Portuguese singing), so we got comfortable and ordered some seafood. People kept laughing at the fact that we were at the bar with our baby and dancing to the music, obv. She behaved really well and we had an incredible evening making some friends (which, spoiler alert, we briefly ran into at a later date in a different town).

alfama at night



chubz at fado

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