Day 8-10: Amelialvor

This day was also a write off between Chubz still screaming her head off all night and day, and I me with a fever so bad, that my shivering spasmed out my back. I eventually broke out of my fever and decided I was fine (spoiler alert, I wasn't), so we took our little family to the beach. We were the only ones there and it was a super cute hour where I napped.

chubz cool looking

dad and chubz on beach

chubz on beach

Only I then woke up with a fresh fever and barely made it back to the apartment where I proceeded to shiver uncontrollably for hours. We just assumed this was heat stroke so I was drinking a ridiculous amount of water which later proved to be a mistake, we think. Long story short, it wasn’t heat stroke and it may or may not have been the water, but I write this 12 days later, and I’m still unable to eat anything but toast, if that.

Justin was pretty tired of moving constantly so he secretly enjoyed lazying around for what we thought was going to be one day. We deduced that Chubz was spazzing out because of the fresh oranges and orange juice I had 3 days in a row. As I stopped that, she was back to her sweet self.

Nothing significant happened the rest of our stay here. I insisted on getting out, so we wandered the coast, and through the town. We found the local advertising was on par, an old castle turned into a playground which Chubz found less than amusing, and over the couple of days just relaxed in this charming little town.




advertising steakhouse

castle playground

dad and Chubz swing

chubz flowers

chubz sunset

We also found a neat bar: It’s run by this Brazilian guy that came over 25 years ago, practically a Bob Marley impersonator with his dreadlocks and beanie, mannerisms, etc. The whole bar is covered ceiling to floor in various Marley posters or Nelson Mandela quotes, as well as signatures. It was all graffitied in (even over the posters) by patrons. We were advised to try black vodka caipirinhas, so we did. There was so much sugar in this drink, you basically chewed the crystals, and with that, we called it a night as we had an early check out the next morning.

marley bar

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