Day 11: I'm here to tell ya honey that I'm B-B-B-B-Bad to the bone

2 Moose on the Loose Car Mongol Rally travel YOLO

Miles: 75
Countries: Czech
Stops: Prague -> Kutna Hora
Playlists: The sound of our voices

Upon finding our way to Old Town Prague, we have been overwhelmed ever since. I know I've already posted about how incredible it is, but my god, pictures do not do it justice and everything about this city is outstanding. Except the roads, screw the roads. The cobblestone was so uneven, our dashcam kept thinking we were in a continuous accident and locking on us, and Czech drivers are insane. I don't think there are actually any rules... no lanes, and people drove wherever, however, and whenever they wanted to.

We walked to the main cathedral in the centre of town, took a ridiculous amount of selfies (does it count as many if justin is in ONE photo four times?). Continued to walk the old alleys melting from the heat, so we got the ridiculous ice cream rolled up in some sort of beavertail wannabe covered in chocolate that seemed to be the popular thing to do. We walked some more, found a rooftop patio, had a drink, and walked back to a park where we set up the drone and czeched out the city from above. Looking forward to some cool shots!

From here, we drove to the castle on a hill where you can Czech out all of Prague. I won't bother describing it, because I can't. Just... can't. See pictures on Facebook.

At this point, it was just after 8, so we headed over to the Mongol Rally czechpoint and met up with people. Tried to find out Australian friends from earlier, but of course, no go. Eventually we wanted food, and instead of doing the burgers available for the rally, we wanted some local street meat cuisine. We walked off site, got the sketchiest of dinners and watched a guy BBQ the meat behind what was a shack with portapotties. My Russian finally came in handy - otherwise we would've had NO idea what we were ordering.

So then we're sitting, minding our own business, when all of a sudden a crazy looking guy is staring me down with his arms wide open and a grin bigger than his face. I have no idea who it is but he keeps coming closer. Turns out, it's the Australian guy, although apparently like Superman, I cannot recognize him without his iconic neon green headband (that he wore for all of one day before that lol). They had pulled over on the street to throw some garbage out and as he was turning to go back to the car, he saw us. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?! They were going to czech out a local pub in Old Town that's apparently the best pub in the city with a tap in the middle of the table. You get a glass and you just pay by volume at the end. Pretty neat concept! Also dangerous, since there's a digital board you keep czeching to compete against other tables for volume. We grabbed a cab and joined them (again, Russian super handy since no English and pointing at a map was useless). At the bar, the competition board worked for this gang, and everyone was plastered. Justin and I really only had one or two beers and chose to not go on with them to whatever club they then went to when we dispersed at 1:30 - lots of driving to be done the next day! 

This morning, everyone was pretty obliterated and we saw people walking around with bandaged noses, blood on their legs, arms, it was ridiculous. There were two windshields completely shattered from drunken stupor (granted, they broke Guinness record and were able to fit 35 people in the one car, gotta give them that!). The other one (the picture I posted earlier today) was actually an accident and he slipped on the roof with his foot going through the window. But the question was why was he on the roof in the first place. Dun dun dun.

We eventually gave up on waiting for our Australian friends to come alive (we actually organized a meeting place this time! In Budapest), and headed over to Kutna Hora - about an hour out of Prague. There is a church here made of real human bones founded in 1142! So macabre, morbid, baroque, gothic, all the terms! But insane and, of course, super cool. Also pictures (and description) on Facebook. We are now grabbing breakfast next door because the sign saying "only in our place the meal has the best taste" lured us in and are now watching people bending over and checking out our car nonstop.

Justin ordered a giant pork knee (its larger than his face!) and I got a pickled sausage, that's right, its pickled and delicious. Also had the most amazing soup I've ever had - practically just eating roasted garlic and bacon with croutons. Droooool.

Czech, you done good, and we can both say without hesitation it's been by far the best days - and we would come back in a heartbeat.

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