Day 21.1

Miles: 42
Countries: Turkey
Stops: Istanbul-ish -> Istanbul
Playlists: raging horns

If I hear one more car horn.... Istanbul is a constant battle and chaos for the one and a quarter of he 4 lane highway because people are parked any which way, they go THE WRONG WAY on the highway, and do whatever the fuck they want.

Justin is currently emitting some sort of duck/horn sounds. I think he's starting to go crazy as google maps had us going through streets not even narrow enough for ONE car, let alone do the 2 way where people do whatever they want.

Back up. We slept on the main road in what seemed downtown for a small town just outside of Istanbul. It was right on the water and seemed to be a resort town. Smelled amazing and was buzzing last night, but we were too tired at that point so off to bed for us.

We woke up at 8 or so, packed up, and went looking for our first actual meal in 2 days. Chocolate was just not sufficing anymore (just kidding, it always does). We checked our four square app and there was a highly rated restaurant with best breakfast, so we went. It was pretty frigging delicious and we had traditional Turkish coffees (drool!)

We walked down to the sea coast and wandered around a fair bit, flew the drone. And mosied on to the Istanbul heart. What should've been a 30 min drive turned into 2 hours because either people here don't know how to drive or don't give a hoot. Justin grabbed his wrench to keep by in case road rage occurs. It's literally everyone out for themselves. Dog eat dog world. Survival of the fittest.

Seriously though, the driving is a shit show here. The laws are up to interpretation, so we parked our asses in the most touristy section and going to avoid driving as much as possible in this chaos of a city.

All the things we want to see and do will deserve their own blog post. Big itinerary today and we found awesome parking as we listen to the booming cross-city praying calls from one mosque to the other. Super neat!!

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