Day 4: Mustang Sally, you better slow that Mustang down

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Stops: Colchester
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What a beautiful day! The sun was shining and we actually had sweat coming out of places we didn't know it could. That's reassuring before we head off to the desert.

Fun fact: how do you remember which dessert/desert has 1 or 2 S's? Dessert always has 2, because you go back for seconds. #randomconversations I also learned a few new words today, but I'm completely blanking at the moment. 

Waking up, it was still fairly cloudy, and slightly drizzling so it seemed right to run a few errands and pick up all the gear we need until the promised sun came through. We picked up everything from tools, jerry cans, to wood and screws for the roof rack. It was the first time we drove No Ragrets and aside from the flat tire, it chugged along fairly well. In fact, it was so smooth and consistent, I didn't even realize Justin slammed his foot down to accelerate and see what this baby could do... because it didn't. It physically didn't go faster than 80km, so at least now we know speeding won't be an issue. 

By the time we got back to the house, the sun was peaking and it was time to get to work. Justin changed the fuel filter and installed the fire extinguisher for when we may spontaneously combust in the desert: 

Safety first!

He then installed a kill switch for the inverter so we don't accidentally drain our car batter, and built the roof rack (which he seemed pleasantly surprised when it didn't collapse beneath his weight?!). Although he managed to stab himself with a screwdriver, he's proud of all the "firsts" of this trip: first blood shed, first blister, first sunburn, first drive, and first full tank of gas. It was all worth it for this sexy beast:

Coffee break

Ooooo shiny

Meanwhile, I continued with the spray paints and started to slowly lose my mind with all the taping I had to do for the moose on Justin's side of the car. Beard and all, looks just like him though!

A wild brown blob appeared

Antlers on mirror may be closer than they appear

It was about 5pm by the time I finished the moose and I got around to working on the hood. I decided to outline the countries on the map. Big mistake - I need to learn to stop while I'm ahead. Let's just say, one shouldn't look too closely at Europe, or you may notice us going through Hungary twice.

And, of course, the letter stickers I went to use for the hood weren't sticking too well. But fear not, I was prepared as I had picked up some intense glue at the wood shop earlier that day. I started applying it... only to notice the paint on the map was coming off. So I started reading the fine print: it works on everything BUT painted surfaces and vinyl... the exact two surfaces I was sticking together. So..... we are now accepting bets on how long we think these will last. RIP stickers.

Branding, yo

I then had some time through the evening to work on the sides and added more Canada emphasis. I even had a handy little 6 year old help me cut out maple leafs and stick them to the car! So cute!

Left side

Strong side

We worked until the sun was gone, and all in all, it was a very productive day!

And final news: WE HAVE OUR RUSSIAN VISAS! Our gracious host, once again, outdid himself and saved us a 2-3 hour trip into London just to pick them up by going out of his way to get them for us. Our visas taught me 3 things:

1. Mutter in Russian is automatically assumed to be "Moo-tter"
2. I am Mr. Mayaan Mootter
3. Justin James is "Djustin Djames"

Last one is a slight lie, I actually already knew that. But now you know! Although there is a "ge" in Russian, there is no actual letter for "J" so it always starts with a D.

And with that I bid you goodnight.

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  • sara on

    shoot. so many posts. dang Nunavut internet!

  • sara holzman on

    whaaaaaaat?? LOVE the paint job!! looking sick my friends!

  • sara holzman on

    whaaaaaaat?? LOVE the paint job!! looking sick my friends!

  • Luc on

    Hey Justin and May, glad to see your getting everything set up. Love the painting on the car and the updates on the adventure. Rock on Justin, rock on May

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