Day 41: Give me a second I need to get my story straight

Miles: 350

After breakfast we headed into town to the tire shop. After Justin took out the spare from under the car the night before, we found out it was larger than the other tires so it won't do. Neither will driving hundreds of miles with no more spares.

We got to the shop, but it would be our luck to find the one town with a tire shop that didn't sell tires. The next town wasn't for 200 miles.

This one also did not sell tires, but he sent us on a wild goose hunt in this little town with no markings of any sorts on the streets or the buildings. The shop that did sell tires, however, happened to be on lunch for an hour so we had to kill time and grabbed some food while the mechanic patched the first one. We picked up a new rubber, slightly larger than ours, but practically the same. He switched them out onto the tires and we now had 2 spares, so in total we had 3 different tire/wheel combinations, but all were close enough. Score.

We drove on and on and on, constantly weary of any speed limits and cops. Not a single one in sight though.

We reached a town around 6pm and the highway came down to 60. We've been discussing speed limits all day, it's amazing how this topic never got old - these roads don't seem to have speed limit "end" signs, so it seems to always be guesswork whether it's reduced because of a bump, construction, or miles for whatever reason. 

We got around the curve of the town and were out on the highway again, not knowing if the 60 zone was over or not, we followed the bus that overtook us which was now in front and was going at least 100. We seemed to have gotten out of town so we started speeding up. 

Obviously there would be a cop coming in the oncoming lane, and obviously he would flag us, not the bus. We pulled over. They pulled over beside us, and this time THEY got out of their car and both came over to Justin's window. They informed us we were speeding in the 60 zone and I tell them the truth: we legitimately didn't know and had been debating it this whole time, so we figured we'd just follow the locals in front of us. 

They both mentioned writing us up and needing to pay a fine in a very lazy half-ass way. I said please no, we don't have any money. One started looking through the window and playing with the iPhone holder suctioned to the window (Justin hid our phones really quickly before they pulled up, so it was empty). He asked if it holds anything bigger, I said no.

He kept looking around and saw the GoPro in the door pocket where justin was trying to hide it with his hand while recording. As soon as the cop acknowledged it, justin moved it and although we said it was a camera, we changed the topic quickly.

They mentioned a fine again, but it must've been the end of their work day because they really didn't try nearly hard enough. I again asked for no fine and asked if there's anything we can do - We couldn't afford a fine because we got robbed. I didn't even bother with the story, just handed them the police report.

The nice one read it, gave it back, and extended his hand to shake Justin's, just like that.

As they were getting in their car, I quickly asked if the highway was a 90 or 100 because we've been debating it for days. He laughed and said 100, and that was it. We went our separate ways.

That was it. It wasn't even 5 minutes.

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