Day 42: you're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no

Miles: 450-500

We woke up planning on getting our way into the cosmodrome one way or another. Having no wifi, we messaged back home over the satellite radio (probably flagging us anyway) to look into how to sneak in and got some disappointing messages about it potentially being a one way trip, likely turning into a diplomatic incident, and the roads being booby trapped around the complex.

We debated trying it one more time but the fact that it's $5000USD and you need a Russian visa to even visit the cosmodrome along with big guys with big rifles turned us off. So with our tails between our legs, we carried on past it, taking one lame driveby photo.

We had one cop drive by us and honk. Didn't turn around, didn't pull us over. We started discussing the possibility of them having radioed each other telling everyone the losers in the red car with a moose don't have anything and speak Russian. Butttt then we got pulled over 20 minutes later. They just pulled up right beside us with a huge smile and asked what's up. That's it. Just wanted to know how our drive was going so far, how was Kazakhstan treating us, and do we have any souvenirs. We gave them a Canadian pen and they were happy and drove off. Our emotions were confused as we had scrambled to hide all the goods in the car.

We drove on with no other updates only to be flagged down at the police checkpoint not long after. We couldn't pull over right away because there was a truck, so we got around it and justin pulled over in the shoulder. I got out and walked over to the cop. He also asked me how Kazakhstan is treating us and if anyone has been bothering us on the roads. I said not yet, and of course we love Kazakhstan. As i was saying this, the truck left and justin started backing up towards us. The cop looked at me and said this was illegal and he now needs to write us a fine. I started laughing at him thinking he was joking. This conversation went a bit back and forth and was such bullshit. He let up saying we're guests, and he liked guests, so he's letting us off the hook - but to obey their laws if we come into their country. We drove off looking back and half expecting him to pull us over again confused by the whole ordeal. 

The next 24km of the road was "under construction" and was a 50 speed limit with no passing. Justin was the ONLY one going under 100, let alone speed limit, and EVERYONE was passing us, yet we still knew we'd be the ones pulled over if there was a cop and we didn't want to give them proof. We started loosing our sanity a bit on the slow road with everyone giving us the weird eye as they passed us.

Honestly, we're both over this country; nothing is consistent. They shut down 24km of road for construction and there was NO construction anywhere, yet no signs in other parts where there actually were construction trucks and workers. There are signs for gas stations where there are none, and no signs if there actually is one. Stations will have pictures of Visa or MC but then claim they don't take it, or vice versa. Speed limit signs sometimes have "end" zone signs but most of the time you have to guess when it ends. Overall, Kazakhstan needs to get its shit together, this is ridiculous.

Also, speaking of getting your shit together: shockingly, Justin's duct tape job didn't hold and now his ass is hanging out again. it's time to say goodbye but for some reason, he refuses to. We definitely look homeless by now.

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