Day 5: It's been a hard day's night

2 Moose on the Loose Car Mongol Rally steed travel Travel prep

Miles: 15
Countries: UK
Stops: Colchester
Playlists: Summer Party (Spotify)

Another beautiful day and not a drop of rain!

For the sake of being repetitive, we continued to work away on the car - Justin started out by making a platform for the bed and bought a mattress, while I  continued to spray paint and did my moose and our names on the window (per Justin's request, of course so he can feel somewhat badass and like we're in a real race)...





More stencils


Afterwards we ran more errands and picked up some more essentials, like a car kettle (that's right, coffee and tea forever on the go!), storage bins, a new stereo for the car, a dash cam in case some crazy Russian decides to jump out in front of us, some tarps, and a new jack since the old one couldn't even lift the gutted fiesta. We also stopped by a scrapyard where we got some steel wheels, which don't look nearly as cool, but they will be much more durable.

At the scrapyard

When we got back Justin swapped the wheels, installed the stereo, and changed the oil in the car while I recreated our rally-style names on the other side of the car. We also added some interior decorations like a high-tech in-dash thermometer and a pair of moose totally won't get annoying after 5 minutes...

In-dash thermometer

2 moose!

We also had our first encounter with a  drunk local around noon who found this all fascinating and laughed while continuously apologizing for being drunk. I think? I actually didn't catch 9/10 of what he said. 

We had fajitas for dinner - trying to cover all the cuisines this week from Italian, to Thai, to Mexican, since we probably won't be having anything but pilaf for the next 2 months. It was especially nice to have a full spectrum of colours on the table tonight, since based on previous year's blogs, we'll probably get scurvy from the brown-only meals through most of Asia.

Additionally, I learned some new words. Apparently, "bollocks" does NOT mean "darn", but actually means "testicles" according to the 10 year old who was only too happy to explain it to me. Also, "pudding" is the word for dessert. So when the said 10 year old is asking for pudding, and I tell him I have donuts for dessert but no pudding, and he insists that that IS pudding, and I argue that it's only doughnuts without pudding, it makes for an interesting forever-looping conversation. To conclude, the doughnuts were stuffed with chocolate filling and were delicious.

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