Day 7: You can never know the odds; If you don't play you'll never win

2 Moose on the Loose Car Mongol Rally travel Travel prep YOLO

Miles: 135
Countries: UK
Stops: Colchester -> Greys -> Chichester (Goodwood)
Playlists: "stoner chill" (Spotify. Only playlist to have actually downloaded offline and more like hardcore rap).

This is it. With my heart in my throat, I'm a mix of excitement and nervousness. Meanwhile, Justin is as cool as a pickle, or however the saying goes. But here we go!

We woke up and wasted no time in organizing everything and starting to pack. After we got everything in the car, it hung pretty low (or however that goes). We ended up returning our 2x 5L buckets of windshield washer fluid and 5L of coolant. Got the concentrated stuff that you just mix with water - a lot lighter and less room! We might also have to ditch our second spare tire that we accidentally ended up with since we haven't even filled up our jerry cans nor water jug. Maybe we'll bid it off at Goodwood for beers or something. Womp womp.

With our moose heads on, our music pumpin', we rolled out.

At one point while driving, all we could smell was burning and we both looked at each other in such a comical "uh oh" way. Then an ambulance rushed past us, we realized it was more of a wood-burning than rubber/metal-burning smell, and then it didn't follow us. Panic averted.

We made our way back to the store where we got a dashcam since it wouldn't turn on in 2 days. No receipt and no box, they exchanged it, tested it, and now we are protected! It even came with a sticker for the window saying the car is protected by a cam, but we used our heads and decided to take it down. If anyone breaks in, they'll just steal the camera anyway and then what's the point?, but then the sign also basically tells people we have something worth stealing. See? These heads are not just for moose hats!

I got a travel version of Trouble for our massive party tent, some beers, and what is more likely resembling vinegar than wine for £3 at Aldi (granted, each). Living it up!

I then stocked up on a year's worth of supplies of baby wipes, paper towel, and toilet paper along with more crappy instant dehydrated Sidekicks of sorts that will either make us go through all our toilet paper in a day, or not a single sheet the whole trip.

With that all set, we said our goodbyes and set sail for Goodwood.

En route, we found a Costco where we grabbed lunch (Costco-sized platter of sushi), a kg of peanut butter, trail mix, porridge bars, hummus and naan, and, of course, a Costco-sized platter of sausage rolls. Because Costco.

Listing things we forgot: to buy a ticket to the ferry/Chunnel to get off the island and into France, get audiobooks, and US dollars. Or cash of any sort, for that matter. Derp. 

We do have 3 days worth of sausage rolls though.

And now we are officially on the way to Goodwood for the start of our shinanigans with a quick pit stop for wifi to post this (and figure out how to get to Goodwood, haha whoops) and to bid our farewells.

Wish us luck.


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