Day 8: Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car. We'll travel near and we'll travel far.

2 Moose on the Loose Car Mongol Rally travel YOLO

Miles: ~135
Countries: UK
Stops: Chichester -> Dover
Playlists: Toot Toot Chugga Chugga - The Wiggles. But also "Car-oake" (Apple Music) and "Rock Classics Greatest Hits" (Spotify). 

Last we ended was in Goodwood. We arrived, checked in, ate some of our Costco sausage rolls, and were greeted with a beer and Mongolian throat singing. Some wicked rendition of Stairway to Heaven remixed! We proceeded to Mongolian wrestling and watched some of the drunkards get their ass handed to them. Literally, Mongolian tradition is the winner gets to then spank the loser on the bottom.

There are two teams that just got married and this is their honeymoon. Both ladies were in their wedding gowns, so they were set on each other for wrestling, but aside from some minimal boob grabbage, it was fairly uneventful and one went down to the ground of her own accord - overall, good sports though!

This was all followed by some sword fighting, more beers, and mingling. As we chatted with various teams, we quickly realized "winging" the ferry ticket was a bad idea and that we should get on that asap. Long story short, we spent 2 hours in the car eating sausage rolls and trying to sort that out and we still don't really have a ticket.

We gave up and wanted friends, so out we went and met a few Canadians, a few non-Canadians, and even a team from Ottawa!! Chatted with an American for a while, born and raised, but I still claim he's Irish. I'm really bad with accents though so ¯\(°_O)/¯

We actually "retired" fairly early on and went to bed just after midnight with a sausage roll. We slept in the car while the plebes slept in tents haha. Made for easy clean up the next day, but turns out the button inside to open the trunk randomly decided to stop working so now we have to climb out the windows to get out.

We woke up at 7 rethinking the lack of curtains situation, and lay there eating sausage rolls and watching everyone tear down their tents and cook themselves breakfast.

We thought we'd be sneaky and get to the circuit to line up early so we can be at the front and be on our merry way, turns out they were lining up everyone from the back so we ended up at the very end. Womp womp.

There was a lot of honking in the parking lot, a lot of "WOOOOOOO"s and a lot of "here we gooooo". Some awards were given out for best spirit (aka getting THE most ridiculous car for the trip: it was a tie for 2 Morris Minors ('64 and '70) and they already broken down 4 times on the way to Goodwood alone, but they are adamant they'll make it. Also, there is a Scottish team with an electric car, no generator, and a plan to depend on the kindness of strangers. Good luck.

Next award was for best pimped car, and of course, it went to these crazy guys (felt and fur all over the car, picture posted on FB, can't seem to do it here at the moment) who are going to regret it after the first rainfall! Hope they have lots of air freshners, haha.

Third award was for highest funds raised for Cool Earth by a team, and the last award was to publicly shame the team with the biggest engine. Someone got a 1.6L engine which makes this too easy, so they were awarded the heaviest exercise bike the organizers could find that they HAVE to now lug on their roof all the way to the end!

We all got in our cars, honked our way over to the start line and did a lap like the bunch of crazies that we are - hanging out the windows and sitting on the roofs. One car overestimated their weight - didn't quite make it around the turn and ended up off the road, haha!

As we finished up, everyone climbed back in the windows and we are now on our merry way to the ferry to head over to France with a sausage roll in hand.

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