Day 9: Feels like we’ve met somewhere before. Saw you, my heart just hit the floor. This time I’m following the signs. This moment could flash before your eyes.

2 Moose on the Loose Car Mongol Rally steed travel YOLO

Countries: Belgium -> Luxembourg 
Stops: Brussels -> Truck stop half an hour outside of Brussels -> Namur -> Luxembourg
Playlists: iPod shuffle (range from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Dr. Dre, Great Big sea, to friggin Christmas Music)

Today's title is an ode to the waffle  Read on.

After finishing our gyros, we walked around downtown and, wow, I feel the air was knocked out of my chest. I wasn't too impressed with Brussels up until then - it was dirty and it reeked, sketchy as all hell (we were positive we were coming back to an empty car), and aside from the monstrous carnival set up right in the middle of the city, it was barely lit up and just bleh.

Then we found the real downtown. Wow. Utterly stunning, I think I actually gaped with my mouth wide open. And it was so quaint and weird: you'd walk down one street and it's dead. Not a single sound. But you turn the corner and it's so full of life, at 1:30am on a Sunday, no less! It was a maze of back alleys and went from pumping alleys with 10 restaurants and bars out on their cobblestone streets to absolutely nothing, ghosttown-like even, to people dancing and singing around the corner.

We checked out an amazing bar (thanks Steph!) - the Delirium Cafe. It holds the world record of the biggest beer selection in one establishment with 2004 beers! And we LOVE Delirium beer to begin with so we went in and holy: 2am and there were HUNDREDS of people - upstairs, downstairs (where tables were made of giant barrels), and the entire alley was just happy people. I got a mango flavoured beer and drooooool, it was SO good. I could drink 10, easily, and Justin loved his, of course. We stood around outside for a while people watching, but figured it's past 2am and we still had to reorganize the car and drive out of the city to find somewhere to camp. Luckily, you can grab your beer, pour it into a plastic cup, and walk with it, so we strolled our way back to our car to find it pleasantly intact. And by we, Justin would like to point out the paranoid one was entirely me. Whatever. Tomato tomahto.

We drove down the main highway towards Luxembourg for about a half hour until we saw a truck rest stop and pulled in. There were a bunch of trucks with black curtains, so we snuggled up beside one in the furthest corner - couldn't even see us! We were like ninjas.

We woke up at 7 as our cuddle buddy truck was leaving, but we fell right back asleep until 9. It was nice to sleep in for once. The sweaters/shirts across our windows really did the trick.

We had a sausage roll each (the last ones!! Hoorah! If I never see one again, I will be more than ok), brushed our teeth and while justin went to the station to use a bathroom and wash his hands and unruly hair, I gave myself a bath with baby wipes and used our ensuite bathroom. Pictures to come. Or not. ¯\(°_O)/¯

All clean and on the road again. We drop by Namur, a little Belgian town en route; walked around downtown a bit and figured we had to get waffles before we leave the country. I wasn't sure I was sold on doing waffles, I've had waffles at home (how different can they really be?!) and I was curious to try other Belgian food.

We got waffles.

And we don't have words. Like, you don't understand. They were from a street cart (a window for an actual sit down restaurant though, or as they call them here "tea rooms", and it was dipped in Belgian chocolate. We had to sit down to eat these, our knees wouldn't hold us.

With full bellies and full hearts, we are back on the road and heading to the happiest capita in the world.

So far, knock on wood(en roof rack), No Ragrets has lived up to its name and we have made it to Luxembourg easy peasy.

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  • Brian on

    You are a master with your words. Did you find the sounds of those tractor trailers starting so early a little disturbing ?? Did you not worry about waking up and finding only yourself in that huge parking lot ? Lol
    Nice that you slept in as the washrooms in thr morning are busy with people trying to shower in the sink. There are truck stops thst you csn shower for a couple of Euro.

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