If Gooses are Geese, are Mooses Meese?

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Hey all! 

Justin and May here! So we've signed ourselves up for a bit of an adventure covering 1/3 of the world's circumference. While we are still sorting out logistics like which crappy car we can find for under £500 and under 1.2L to break down on us, we thought we'd open up the floor to you to help us choose a logo! 

Now, mind you, there was much wine involved and these images are VERY rough, but before we finalize it on a computer, we wanted to hear your thoughts on which one you like best! Feel free to input any additional ideas and or mix and match!

1. Starting off nice and simple: 2 Moose on the Loose, it just works.

2 Moose on the Loose

2. Get it? We're lost. 

Moose Reading Map

3. Same as above, but an added band-aid seeing as we're raising charity donations for the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley?

Moose Reading Map with Bandaid

4. Probably the cleanest for a "logo"?

a Moose

5. Straightforward, only the the wheel is on the wrong side, oops. 

2 Moose driving a car

6. A more accurate depiction of the previous one..

Moose yelling at Moose driving

7. Which one of us do you think is that moose? License plate can be added from previous logos to complete this one.

Moose stuck through window

8. I'm picturing more ramming into the car sides.

Moose ramming Car

9. It even looks like Justin....

2 Moose and a mountain

10. Definitely got into the wine...

2 Moose and a mountain road

Drop us a line in the comments below with your favourites! 

Cheers :)


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  • Sarah on

    I like #1 the best! And you could put a bandaid on her head, I liked that part of #2.

  • andrei on
    is awesome, and #4 would look amoosing as a decal on the hood or doors! Six still makes me laugh every time I scroll up though… lol
  • Mary on

    Oh my gosh lol I love the 2 moose on the loose idea!!!! They are all hilarious and good and you may consider using them throughout your adventure but the logo with the number “2” in it is very memorable. The one with the map and the others could be part of your regular posts!

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