No Ragrets, not one letter

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, after a few weeks and many arguments, we've finally found a name for our companion that we can BOTH agree on!

We've had some amazing suggestions; thank you to the many submissions! We looked at everything from "The Canadian Job" to "Dale", from "the Goose" to "the Caboose", from "Stallion" to "Crimson Chariot", from "Astrid" to "Car McCarface" (although not so much that last one, sorry Brad). "Gone in 60 seconds", "The Slow and Peaceful", "Speed-Ish", and... "Barry". There were many others, and while I was really trying to push "2 Moose in the Goose on the Loose", Justin would have none of it.

However, today, while talking about kegs (?), we hit jackpot, again. Cudos to my brother who suggested the name!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the classic scene! 

So stay tuned! We are now 3 weeks, to the day, from meeting No Ragrets. It's going to make for some great future posts :D


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