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Dear Diary; Jackpot.

Cue the dramatic music


  • 1.2 litres of raw, uninhibited muscle cranking out 59 thundering horsepower...
  • 0-60mph in a whopping 12 seconds...
  • Red...

Eat your heart out, Vin Diesel.

We are pleased to introduce our Crimson Chariot, a 2002 Ford Fiesta hatchback. We just acquired this sexy beast with some amazing help from some local friends for the low low price of £300.

So it doesn't have AC, so what? It has a removable sunroof, so it's practically a convertible.


Sure it's rusting on the fender, but that just adds some decorative platescab for texture. 

That dent? That right there is a battle scar.. you should see the other guy!  This baby is tough.


Don't even ask about how many miles it has, let's just say that it's a seasoned veteran. 

This sweet ride even has 5 gears, 4 seats and matching seatbelts, 3 wipers, 2 working manual wind up windows, and an engine that starts. It even has it's own emoji 🚗!


Like I said: Jackpot.

We can't wait to discover what sort of personality this little guy has, but I'm sure it won't take long once we pick it up in July.

We're taking suggestions on name options - I'm having a hard time selling "Optimus" - so let's hear what you've got! Whoever suggests the name we decide on wins some sweet internet points.


Justin & May

Ps: Cary McCarface is not a valid suggestion. Be creative.

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  • Rory on

    FUGLY is an appropriate name BTW lose the alloy wheels you need steel wheels a big hammer to beat them with and 7 ply van tyres the alloys won`t make it !Top tip jack it up and stuff the springs full of tennis balls good luck on the trip.

  • Brian on

    May your roads be long and wide.?

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