WTF Are We?

Justin and May are taking on this adventure just to see how much stress their marriage can handle before they decide 12(?) years was more than enough. He's a smart-ass, know-it-all, cocky son of a bitch and she's naive as fuck, and practically lives with her foot in her mouth.

WTF is Justin and WTF does he want to do this?

Justin is a grease monkey; he loves being elbow deep toying around with cars. He loves everything cars - from racing, to rallying, to lovingly glazing at them. He loves the challenge this trip poses and was even trying to find a Miata; alas, the engine was too big! If we were to take an ATV across the deserts, where would be the fun in that? As the organizers of the Mongol Rally say, "if nothing went wrong, everything went wrong". This is Justin's moment to shine as he tries to MacGyver suspensions and/or every other possible thing that could go wrong with a tiny piece of shit car driving across lands with no roads. It's his moment to do something crazy and to really live. 

WTF is May and WTF does she want to do this?

May is not a mechanic. May is not a grease monkey. May does not love cars. May does, however, have a brain injury and would probably be a lot more comfortable spending the said 2 months in bed. But where's the fun in that? In all honesty, May would probably never have done this trip if she DIDN'T have the brain injury. It's time to get out of our comfort zones and try something new despite the challenges. This may be a hard trip as it is, let alone throw in a few concussions into the mix. Why should she sit back and continue living her life in a bubble? Hasn't she put enough of her life on hold for the last 4 years? It's time to raise awareness and not let the injury define her. Oh, and she speaks Russian, so at least she's got that going for her?